Since 2007, the BSNL has been cancelling mobile tenders one after another resulting in shortage of equipments to provide to the much needed customers. In 2007 the Minister directed to cancel the 45 million lines tender which the BSNL Board implemented loyally stopping the PSU from moving forward in the mobile sector. In 2010, the much publicised 95 million lines mega tender was cancelled after two years of court cases etc. Both these cancellations resulted the BSNL mobile market share going down to 12% and to the 4th position. In the 1-2 December 2010 strike agreement it was assured by the Minister that 5.5million lines will be made availble immediately and another tender for 15 million will be floated.
Now it is reported that the BSNL has decided to cancel the 5.5 million tender which is almost finalised. Assurance is given that 15 million lines tender will be floated. This is the third consecutive time that the tenders are cancelled. The 15 million tender is also being floated to cancel at the last minute.
The government is completely under the spell of the private telcos. It only wants to ensure that BSNL become weak so that the private companies can reap profit and grow. The simillarity with how Air India was destabilised is before us. The Govt. wants BSNL to have the same fate as Air India.
The workers and the JAC has to immediately move to ensure that the 5.5million lines are made available.