Comrade Mihir Dasgupta, former Asst. General Secretary and President Kolkatta Telephone Circle of BSNLEU retired from service today, 31st May 2011, on superannuation from BSNL. He was one of the top leaders of the BSNLEU and had served at the HQ many times. A good writer and speaker, Com. Dasgupta was the District Secretary of one of the Districts in Kolkatta for a very long time. His wife, Com. Swastika who is also a leader of BSNLEU and District Secretary of one of the big divisions in Kolkatta retired some time back. Comrade Dasgupta belonged to a family committed to Left.
I convey my Greetings and Best Wishes on his retirement. I hope that he will continue to be active in BSNLEU and working class movement.
VAN Namboodiri