More than 15% of the population of India consists of senior citizens, who are above the age of 60. But the Central Budget presented by the Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman has completed ignored them. Despite several representations earlier to increase the Vayojana Pension from the present Rs.200 to Rs. 5000, restoration of train ticket concessions to senior citizens which has been taken away during the period, announcement of a Vayojana Policy – nothing is declared.

Senior Citizens Friends Welfare Association (SCFWA), Kerala has decided to organise Protest Dharna and March to Raj Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram on 8th February against the anti-senior citizen attitude of the central government and raising the issues already noted above. Support and solidarity requested from all.

V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, SCFWA