India is celebrating 75th anniversary of its hard won Independence on 15th August 2022.
Still remember how we students celebrated the first Independence Day on 15th August 1947 by going round and round the school ground with the tricolour Indian flag in our hands.
Seeing Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister and getting his autograph was an inspiring moment. Sad that could not see Gandhiji while living, but happy to visit and get inspired every time paying tributes at Rajghat, the last about one month back.
Later, after years, got the opportunity to meet many leaders like Comrades EMS Namboodiripad, AKG, Jyothi Basu, Jaya Prakash Narayan and many others who sacrificed their entire life fighting for Independence and continued the struggles for the downtrodden people of this great country. Meeting Comrade Captain Lakshmi was an unforgettable moment.
It was another inspiring moment when we went to the tower of the old fort near the border with Pakistan where our brave soldiers were keeping vigil and safeguarding the safety of our country. After much persuasion, when they accepted the sweets we offered, we were extremely happy.
We remember the supreme sacrifice of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Chandra Sekhar Azad and other revolutionaries who at their young age, sacrificed their lives for an independent democratic nation.
75 years are over after we got Independence. The country has advanced, no doubt, but not to the extent hoped by the freedom fighters. Democratic traditions are forgotten by the rulers themselves. Secularism is being attacked. Rich have become richer and poor, poorer.
The people of this great country has defeated the hated ‘ Emergency ‘ of 1975-77 and certaincy is capable of defeating such moves developing at present and in future also.
It is also most probable that India has already become the most populated country in the world, when it is celebrating its 75th Anniversary of Independence.
Best Wishes and Warm Greetings on the eve of 76th Independence Day!
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