BSNLEU has rightly demanded that a New Promotion Policy is required for the non-executives in BSNL. It is about 12 years that the last Non-Executive Promotion Policy was implemented.

While in DOT, most of the non-executives had only two time bound promotions, one after 16 years and the second after 26 years. These were implemented in the 1980-90s and then recognised union NFTE agreed for ban on recruitment as also surrender of posts for getting the 2 promotions accepted by the Government.

After recognition of BSNLEU in 2004, it placed the demand for 5 time bound promotions, after every 6 years, with out any surrender of posts or ban on recruitment. 4 promotions after every 8 years was agreed by the management without any surrender of posts or ban on recruitment. Those BSNL absorbed DOT officials were granted first promotion after 4 years and second promotion after 7 years considering their long service without promotions in DOT.

Those officials who have been recruited in BSNL are yet to get their third promotion. 8 years is a long period in the present period as also in discrimination with the Executive Promotion Policy. It is time for a New promotion Policy considering all aspects mentioned above. The government should consider the demand fvourably.