Issues of the working class cannot be settled by doing “chamchagiri” to the ministers.
It is reported that, one of the Pensioners’ Associations has met Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, Hon’ble Minister of Communications, last month and has discussed about the pension revision issue. A message has belatedly been brought to our notice, wherein this meeting with the Minister has been described as a major break-through in the settlement of pension revision. It is also reported that, the pension revision file has now started moving in the Sanchar Bhawan, for which the Minister has been praised lavishly. In the same message, sarcastic remarks have been made about the AUAB, for demanding Wage Revision with zero percent fitment. We know who is behind this circular.

It is known to all that, the AUAB has organised at least 3 strikes and many other struggles, including two massive marches to the Sanchar Bhawan, wherein the pension revision has figured as a major demand. The AUAB has demanded that, pension revision should be delinked from pay revision. It is also important to mention that, in the meeting held with the AUAB on 03-12-2018, the then Minister of State for Communications, Shri Manoj Sinha, declared that, the government has decided to de-link Pension Revision from Pay Revision. However, this was not implemented.

Further, it is also important to mention that, it is the AUAB which broke the 60% ceiling set by the government, as it’s liability to pay pension to BSNL pensioners. This 60% ceiling was hanging as a sword on the heads of the pensioners. This was achieved by the AUAB, by going on a two-day strike in May 2016. Under the banner of the AUAB, the entire serving employees of BSNL have valiantly fought for the pension of their retired comrades.

The friends who have issued this message have hidden all these facts and have ridiculed the AUAB. Let these friends find pleasure in their newfound patronage with the Minister. At the same time, let them not belittle the AUAB and it’s valiant struggles, waged on the pension issue. Let them also understand that, issues of the working class cannot be settled by doing “chamchagiri” to the ministers.