Red Salute to those brave Naval Ratings, Soldiers and Civilians of 1946 Royal Indian Navy Revolt  / Mutiny of February 1946 !

18th February  2022 is the 76th aniversary of the starting of the RIN Mutiny of 1946, which is a shining chpater of the great Indian struggle for Independence. Started from naval ship HIMS Talwar in Bombay Harbour, against worst service and living  conditions, it spread to 78 ships and port offices from Karachi  to Calcutta  involving more than 20,000 sailors. It converted itself into struggle for Independence.  It was a struggle of life and death. The revolt is stated to be first organised by B.C.Dutt, the radio operator in the HMIS Talwar. The mutineers hoisted three flags tied together that of Indian National Congress, Muslim League and Communist Party of India in the ships after pulling away the British Flag.

The people of Bombay gave all support to the mutiny and organised massive demonstrations in the city. The main two political parties, Indian National Congress and Muslim League not only did not support the mutiny, but even condemned it. Probably they did not want any obstacles in the discussions with the British regarding grant of Independence. Communist Party of India, the third political party, on the other hand gave all support to the mutiny and organised one day strike as also big rallies in Bombay and other cities. Made arrangements for supply of food etc.

The Mutiny ended on 23rd February 1946 after strong forces of British troops and Warships reached as also on the call of the Congress and Muslim League to surrender. Thousands were arrested, courtmarshalled and brutally punished. Thus ended the heroic action of the Navy ratings and soldiers.

RIN Mutiny is considered as a heroic and important part of the great Indian Struggle for Independence.

Red salute to the Fighters and Martyrs of Royal Indian Navy Mutiny !