The Co-Ordination Committee (CoC) of BSNLEU, AIBDPA and BSNLCCWF held it’s meeting online on 06.01.2022 and has decided to organise black badge wearing demonstrations massively on 25.01.2022, demanding immediate settlement of the following issues. It is also decided that, memorandums would be submitted to the GMs and CGMs on that day.

(1)   The BSNL Management is deliberately delaying payment of the frozen IDA arrears to the Non-Executives. The CMD BSNL is taking revenge and not paying the IDA arrears, since BSNLEU had dragged him to the Hon’ble Kerala High Court, against the freezing of the IDA.

(2)   Blatant discrimination is being meted out to the retired employees, by the BSNL Management, in the matter of payment of medical bills. The CMD BSNL is intentionally delaying the payment of medical bills to the retired employees, with the view to force them to leave the BSNL MRS and migrate to the CGHS. Payment of Medical Allowance to the retired employees had also been stopped.

(3)   The BSNL Management is adopting a lackadaisical attitude in the matter of holding the LICEs of the Non-Executives. By delaying the holding of the LICEs, the Management is jeopardising the promotional prospects and the future of the young BSNL employees.

(4)   Management is not paying the wage arrears of the contract workers. In many places, wages are not paid to the contract workers even up to 18 months. This is also nothing but the vindictive action of the CMD BSNL.

The CHQ of BSNLEU calls on the circle and district unions to coordinate with AIBDPA and BSNL CCWF and to organise the programme successfully.

[Date : 08 – Jan – 2022]