As per reported statistics India lost 1,54,732 valuable lives in 2019 alone, in 4,37,396 rod accidents. During Covid period this was comparatively less. Now that restrictions are being removed, accidents have started increasing. The maximum victims are two wheeler riders, either through their direct accidents or through cars, buses, heavy vehicles hitting them. A most condemnable part is the role of those vehicle drivers who speed away, without stopping and helping the victims, well knowing that the accidents were due to their mistakes.

Neither the central government nor the state government seems to take serious note of these accidents and deaths even though their number is increasing every year. It is also a fact that the people themselves are much worried on the spot, but forget all the trauma in a short time.

The Central – State governments has to enforce the traffic rules strictly, roads should be improved, public should be enlightened how to avoid accidents etc. Will it happen in India in the recent future ?