It was on 17th December,1982,the constitution Bench of the Supreme Court headed by the then Chief Justice Y V  Chandrachud delivered the historic judgment in the case filed by Shri.D.S.Nakara. The judgment being called as the Magna Carta of the pensioners declared in unequivocal terms that pension is not a bounty but a right of the pensioners and pensioners cannot be discriminated on the basis of date of retirement.

It is also a fact that the pensioners in the country started organising themselves after this important judgment and fought against many injustices and won many a battles. But the government continues the attacks on the genuine rights of the pensioners and the PFRDA Act is the  real challenge to the entire pension community. Attempts are also being reported to curtail the pension and to hand over the the pension fund to the private entities.

As far as BSNL and DoT pensioners are concerned many of the just demands, including pension revision, are still to be settled due to the negative stand of the government. So let us affirm to continue our fight against all injustices being meted out to the pensioners and the onslaught against the people.

Let us also remember the great man, D S Nakara for his heroic and relentless fight and observe the National Pensioners Day in a befitting manner. (AIBDPA Website)