Is nonpayment of salary to BSNL employees in time and non-payment of medical bills and reimbursement to pensioners deliberate on the part of Govt and BSNL Management? It seems so.

It is estimated that Govt / DOT is due to pay Rs.39,000 crore to BSNL on various counts including refund of payment for WIMAX & CDMA Spectrum, refund of leave encashment, compensation for BSNL for loss incurred for providing rural telephones and various other services rendered. Govt is not in short of funds. If the same is paid to BSNL, the claims of staff can be easily paid.

In not paying the dues to BSNL, govt is deliberately creating unrest among the employees and pensioners. It is not understood whether strong pressure is made by BSNL management or is it sitting idle and submissive waiting for kindness from govt. AUAB, BSNLEU, AIBDPA & BSNLCCWF have strongly protested and demanded for early payment of salary, medical bills/medical allowance and wages to contract workers. The DOT and BSNL Management should act without delay.