In a reply to a Parliament Question, Minister of State for Communications, Shri Devu Singh Chsuhan has stated that the assets of BSNL &MTNL are worth Rs. 1,33,952 crore and Rs. 3,556 crore respctively as on 30.09.2021. Net block of property, plant and equipment in respect of these companies are of Rs. 89,878 crore and Rs. 3252 crore respectively as on 31.03.2021.

These valuations are compltely undervalued and without correctly assessing the valuation. BSNL is having maximum land assets through out the country, including in central places in all cities and towns only next to Railways. In addition there are 7 Telecom Factories, 2 major Training Centres, about 30 minor traing centres having thousnds of acres of land. There are many heritage buildings, the value of which may be beyond description. ( Photoes of only CTO buildings at Mumbai and Kolkata as also BSNL HQ only are given here).

These most undervalued statistics are given only to justify their plan to sell the assets to private corporates, not only below market price, but also far below the average price which are shown in other land sale registrations.

The govt conspiracy should be exposed and defeated.