The National monetisation Pipeline (NMP) declared by the government is nothing short of a method to disinvest and privatise important PSUs in the name of mope up of finance for the government. These PSUS are built up as the basis for building up a viable growth of the infrastructure of the country, development in various areas and services. The glorious contribution of these PSUs for the development of the country is well known and documented.

Modi Government as part of its anti-people, anti-worker policy wants to destroy all these PSUs or hand over the to the corporates as gifts. Air India which has got assets of lakhs of crores of rupees, including the land, planes and what not is being handed over to Tatas for a mere Rs.18,000 crores. BSNL towers and Optical fibres, which are the strength of the company are being proposed to be handed over.

The Central trade unions and federations of various unions in government, PSUs etc are on the struggle path against these anti-people policies. The struggle needs to be strengthened and the govt’s anti-people policy defeated.