83 over. 84 started. Journey continues.Fortunate to meet lakhs of comrades, friends, workers and acquaintances. Part of their valiant struggles. Overwhelming love and affection.Mistakes and misadventures part of forward march.Inspiring memories of many great leaders, colleagues and comrades, who passed away. Trying to adjust; not to be a burden to next generation.Old age, part of life. ‘Physical weakness need not necessarily weaken the mind.’ – Only partly true. As a child, eagerly waited for birthdays. At least a Payasam ( sweet pudding) will be there. After getting job and involved in union activities, forgot birthdays, mine as well as family. Better half used to complain that on birthdays, festivals etc. I will be on tour. After returning from Delhi in 2017, again started remembering Birthdays, both mine and family members. (Of course, with the help of the diary and better half.) Old saying: “Children and old aged have many similarities.”