According to the deployment plan approved by the Cabinet, the number of PGM/GM level officers to be posted in BSNL during 2021-22 is just 199. However, today, the working number is more than 425. About 130 PGM/GM level officers are working in excess from 2020 onwards and in 2021-22 the number will be around 225. Management is simply accommodating hundreds of senior officers in BSNL without any justification and paying them the benefits of 7th CPC, LTC, Transport Allowance, TA, Tuition Fee reimbursement etc., on the revised rates, when the same are denied to BSNL employees. It is identified that, about 20 PGM/GMs are in excess at BSNLCO itself. BSNL is paying about Rs.90 to 100 crore per annum as salary and allowances for the excess officers working in BSNL. (from BSNLEU website)