When BSNL was formed, there were about 3.5 lakhs employees including both executives and non-executives, out of which about 3 lakhs were non-executives. Now, after 20 years, the non-executives have been reduced to 32,027 out of about the 60,000 odd employees. 80,000 employees were forced to take VRS through several compulsions in the year 2000 , reducing the staff to almost half. Now further staff are reduced since no new recruitment.

There were about 50 – 60 cadres when BSNL was formed in the non-executive. Now, it is reduced to four viz. JE, TT, ATT and Sr.TOA. The last two cadres are being treated as cadres in which rarely there will be recruitment. Posts are being treated as supernumerary, meaning that on retirement of an official that post will be abolished.

These are part of the govt policy of either closure, privatisation or demolition of this prime institution.

The agitational programme chalked out by the All Unions, Association of BSNL (AUAB) are fully justified. Not only the associations/unions of working employees but pensioners organisation , AIBDPA, has fully supported the programme and will participate in them.