Almost Rs. 20,000 crore are due from DOT/Govt to BSNL for the various expenses met by BSNL , which are actually to be met by DOT. These include the expenditure on salaries and pension contribution of officers who have been deputed to DOT from BSNL, Reimbursement of leave encashment of BSNL retirees, who were originally DOT employees and pertain to the period of their service in DOT, the price of the surrendered CDMA Spectrum, extra pension contribution paid, charges for BSNL services to the DOT /Government etc. All these will come to much more than Rs. 20,000 crores.

At a time when the financial condition of BSNL is critical, the government should ensure that these due to the BSNL are paid with out delay. This is very much necessary for the revival of BSNL