After one and half years of the declaration of the Revival Plan of BSNL announced by the Modi Government, it has become very clear that the plan was not for revival of BSNL, but only to ensure that a large number of officials are retrenched through VRS. With lighting speed VRS was implemented for about 80,000 employees within two months with all the administrative machinery geared to it. But despite after one and half years, the other assurances like 4 G Spectrum service in BSNL, monetisation of extra land assets etc. are pending. No arrangement is made for meeting the shortage caused by the retiring of about half the employees.

More than 50,000 contract workers have been retrenched making it extremely difficult to attend faults, introduce expansion plans and so on. The contract workers are yet to receive the wage arrears for about two years. Even during this Covid period, the contract workers not being paid wages. The regular employees are not getting their salary in time. It was stated that after the VRS, the financial condition of BSNL will be fine, as the total amount towards salary will be reduced by about Rs. 8,000 crore per annum as more than half of the employees will be going on VRS.

There is no doubt that the conspiracy to weaken BSNL is going on at the highest level. Of course, it is well known that the corporatisation of Telecom Services itself was in preparation of privatisation. It is only with the united continuous struggle of the BSNL workers that BSNL is surviving.

The decision of the All Unions Associations of BSNL (AUAB) to go on agitation to defend BSNL is greatly appreciated. Modi Government will not hear reason. Only powerful struggle is the way.