Modi Government has plans to sell many important and strategic assets of the nation, including that of Railways, Telecom, Power, Transport and Civil Aviation. The target for 2021-22 is given below in a table form. 50 Railway Stations and 150 passenger trains will be privatised through which the government expects Rs.90,000 crore. Telecom assets including towers and copper cables will be on sale to fetch Rs. 40,000 crore. 13 Airports are in the list.

Misusing the Covid period, BJP government is going on handing over the assets of the nation to the billionaires like Adani and Ambani. Public sector units, which gave maximum support to the growth and development of the country are being sold for a few crores of rupees. LIC and Banks are being disinvested as the first step towards privatisation. The Bank Employees and insurance workers have been on strike during this week. Farmers continue their months long agitation.

This is a time of severe crisis. All out opposition to the anti-people policies and actions of the government is a must with massive participation of the common people.