Ludhiana Conference held from 25th to 28th September 2012 was the first AIC, after I became President. Com.A.K.Padmanabhan, President CITU, inaugurated the Conference. As usual, in addition to the delegates’ session, Seminar and Mahila Convention were also held successfully. The function held in connection with the 105 Birth Anniversary of Martyr Bhagat Singh was very emotional and inspiring. Reception Committee under the leadership of Comrades Prof. H.S.Sidhu, R.L.Mudgil and Balbir Singh made all arrangements for the AIC in an efficient way.

Office-bearers with Comrades V.A.N. as President, P.Abhimanyu as General Secretary, Animesh Mitra as Deputy General Secretary and S.C.Bhattacharya as Treasurer were unanimously elected. 3148 comrades including delegates, observers and visitors participated.


VII All India Conference of BSNLEU was held on 6-9 November 2014 in Panchavady Holiday Resorts, outside Kolkata city. It was decided to hold the AIC at Alipore Telecom Factory premises in the centre of the city and all arrangements, including construction of big pandal were made. It was at that time that Trinamool goondas came and threatened the CGM, Telecom Factory, with dire consequences if the AIC is allowed to be held there. Even they threatened to kill him. The dangerous situation was well known to all. Hence to avoid any untoward incident, conference site was shifted outside the city overnight. Reception Committee with veteran leader Com. Sisir Bhattacharjee as President, Adhir Kumar Sen as Working President, Animesh Mitra and Saibal Sen Gupta as Joint General Secretaries took great pains for making all arrangements including the shifting and arranging about 40 buses every day to transport   delegates from the city to the conference site and return.

Com.A.K.Padmanabhan, CITU President, inaugurated the conference. TEAN delegates led by Com.Raj Bahadur Rawal attended and greeted. Com.K.G.Jayaraj, General Secretary AIBDPA and Com.Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General BSNLCCWF conveyed greetings. Leaders of sister organizations addressed.

Though Conference was held outside the city, the procession and public meeting were held in the centre of the city. Many comrades advised against participating in the procession due to Trinamool threat, but I walked in the front of one jatha till the meeting place. Fortunately there was no problem. Public meeting was attended by large number of people.

My feeling that it is not desirable to continue as office-bearer of the union after a long period of retirement was accepted by the leadership and was allowed to vacate the post of President. However, as a token of respect, was elected  as Patron.

Office bearers with Com.Balbir  Singh as President, Com.P.Abhimanyu as General Secretary, Com.Swapan Chakraborty as Deputy General Secretary and  Com. Saibal Sen Gupta as Treasurer were elected.




Eighth AIC of BSNLEU was held at Chennai, capital city of T.Nadu from 31st     December 2016 to 3rd January 2017. Venue was Kamaraj Auditorium at Theynampet. Reception Committee with Com. T.K.Rengarajan as Chairman and Com.S.Chellappa as General Convener made all arrangements for  conduct of the AIC.

Com.A.K.Padmanabhan , Vice-President, CITU, inaugurated. Delegates from Nepal under the leadership of Com. Raj Bahadur Rawal attended. Comrades M.Krishnan (Confederation), K.G.Jayaraj (AIBDPA) V.Ramesh (AIIEA) addressed. 1032 persons attended including delegates, observers and visitors. BSNL officers including CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Sreevastava attended and addressed. Leaders of other BSNL unions also addressed.

Though I had decided to return to Kerala after Kolkata AIC, remained at Delhi mainly to complete writing of the book ‘History of P and T Trade Union Movement’, for which a lot of reference had to be got from  old   records and union journals which  are available in the NFPE, P.III, RMS union offices. In addition, since the General Secretaries of AIBDPA and BSNLCCWF were not available at Delhi, that work also had to be attended. Writing of the book had been completed. The Book,  ‘History of P and T Trade Union Movement’ was later released in the All India Conference of P.III Union held at Bengaluru by Com. Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU.

In the formation Conference of BSNLEU at Visakhapatnam, veteran leaders Coms. Sisir Bhattacharjee and Moni Bose were elected as Patrons as a token of respect. From next year onwards, nobody was elected to these posts. Now, I have been working in that post for the last one year. Considering all these, I had decided to vacate the post and return to Kozhikode, Kerala.

I had become a member of the All India Telegraph Engineering Union Class III (NFPTE) in 1958 when I joined the P and T Department. I have been entrusted with various responsibilities like Branch, Divisional, Circle Secretaries, Assistant  General Secretary etc. till 1991. Was elected as President in 1991 Bhopal AIC. Since 1994 working as General Secretary of E.III/E.III (N) and BSNLEU till 2010. Later, as President and Patron till now. I have  been a part of this great organization for long six decades. Had the good opportunity to meet and work with lakhs of telecom and other workers. Got love and affection from all. This was a farewell from the union but the connection will continue.

My speech in the AIC was based on the above factors – A Farewell Speech. Immediately after the speech many comrades came and emotionally requested me to continue. But I had already taken a firm decision. I was given a hearty Farewell and present by the AIC.

Com. Balbir Singh was elected as President, Com. P.Abhimanyu as  General Secretary, Com.Swapan Chakraborty as Dy. General Secretary and Com.Gakul Borah as Treasurer.

Time was about 21.30 hours when the AIC ended. I had to rush to the Airport. Ran to the nearby road to catch a taxi to the airport. One delegate helped me to carry the suitcase etc.  Taxi drivers told that I will not reach the airport in time to catch the flight as the road was very much congested. I hired an auto riksha, since even through traffic rush they can manage to move forward. I reached airport late by one hour, but flight was one and half hour late. Got the flight, comfortably rested in the flight and reached Delhi.


The next AIC was held at Mysuru, the beautiful city of Karnataka from 17th to 20th December 2018. Though not a delegate or office-bearer, attended the same on  invitation from Coms. M.C.Balakrishna, H.V.Sudarshan and C.K.Gundanna, Chairman, Working Chairman and General Secretary of the Reception Committee. Attended the inaugural session which was inaugurated by Com.Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU. Despite his heavy responsibility as General Secretary, Reception Committee, Com.Gundanna found time to look after my comfort and discuss about the conduct of the Conference. Since I had to return urgently, I left in the first day itself. Office-bearers with Coms. Animesh Mitra. P.Abhimanyu, Swapan Chakraborty and Gakul Bora were elected as President, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary and Treasurer respectively. (to be continued).