Even before going to Bhopal AIC, return tickets were reserved from Bhopal to Delhi and then to Kozhikode. Election victory changed everything. Decision was taken that I should also be at CHQ Delhi, considering all factors including the difficulties in managing union affairs by General Secretary alone. In fact, Moni Bose had taken an assurance from me before deciding for contest, that in case of victory, I should also stay at Delhi. There were one or two reception meetings arranged at Bhopal to be addressed by President and GS and we stayed there. Kozhikode delegates, including Pankajam went to Delhi and returned to Kozhikode.

There was another reason for our delay in departure. Though election results were graciously accepted and new office bearers congratulated by OPG, what would be the reception at Delhi was not known. We had apprehensions. We had to take care of all the ballots and election materials, in case any complaints come later. Better be careful, reminded past experiences. We stayed two days at Bhopal and arranged everything before journey to Delhi. Without any intimation to anybody, started to Delhi along with Com. Ramachandran, Circle Secretary Income Tax Union, M.P. Ballot boxes were entrusted to Ramachandran who took it to office of Income Tax Employees Union Office Delhi for safe keeping.

We had planned to get down at New Delhi station and quietly go to Dada Ghosh Bhawan. But it was not to be so. Surprise! A large number of Postal and RMS employees under the leadership of Coms. K.Adinarayana, GS P.IV Union and P.S.Raman Kutty, GS T.III Union were waiting in platform. We were warmly received with welcome slogans. A meeting was held at the R.M.S.Office premises addressed by the leaders. All were very happy about our victory. Then we proceeded to Dada Ghosh Bhawan, Central Head Quarters of E.III Union.

Fortunately there was no problem. OPG, former General Secretary, who was staying there, arranged two rooms for our stay. A small room for kitchen was constructed. OPG told that within a few days, he will shift from Dada Ghosh Bhawan. But it never happened.

After two weeks of settling in CHQ, I went to home at Kozhikode to arrange things and come back. There was a big reception at the railway Station as also in Town Hall on 22nd November 1991, which was organised under auspices of various unions. It was an opportunity to meet the many comrades of Kozhikode with whom I have been working for many years.

Within a few days, Moni Bose brought his wife, Com. Jyotsna Bose to Delhi. She was retired  Telephone Operator and leader of  NFPTE.  She cooked food for both of us.

Dada Ghosh Bhawan was purchased by E.III Union in 1963. NFPTE and its affiliated all India unions were accommodated in P and T House, a rented building, No.9, Pusa Road. The owner of the building wanted to sell and the unions were asked to vacate. It was at this time that OPG purchased this building in Patel Nagar with a loan received from his father out of his retirement benefits. Almost all unions in P and T House shifted to DGB. They paid their share for the building and loan from OPG’s father was returned. Most of the unions shifted from there later, except Postal III and E.IV unions. This was the situation when we started staying in DGB.

E.III Union CHQ was in the ground floor with three-four rooms including one kitchen, but not being used. We stayed in two rooms upstairs. There were two clerks, Coms. Atma Ram and Raghubir Singh. A typist used to come now and then. Com. R.K.Kohli, Assistant General Secretary, also used to attend now and then. A meeting of CHQ office-bearers was held,  functioning of CHQ discussed and many decisions taken. It was also decided to pay a small allowance of Rs. 350 per month to Moni Bose and R.K.Kohli for being at HQ.

A lot of letters and money orders every day. No end to telephone calls from various parts of the country. All on landline phones. Mobile service not started. In the morning after breakfast, will attend to the correspondence, prepare letters to be given to departmental authorities. There was no regular typist. Most of the time, I had to type. Since both the clerks were with OPG, there was a kind of non-cooperation. Anyway, they did not know typing. They will despatch the union journals, Telecom (Monthly) and Correspondence (Bi-Weekly) and carry out other jobs entrusted to them. (TO BE CONTINUED)