A massive P & T Convention was held at Patna from 24th to 27th November 1978 as part of celebration of Silver Jubilee of formation of NFPTE. More than 4,000 workers participated.

The Convention discussed various issues including vacation of Emergency excesses and victimisation. It also passed a resolution demanding minimum two promotions during service.

A big procession was organised to the residence of Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan and a memorandum on Emergency excesses submitted to him. As a member of the delegation, got opportunity to meet the great leader.

Trivandrum Circle Conference

The Joint Circle Conference of P&T Unions Kerala was held on 14-17 May 1981. I had completed four years as Circle Secretary. Family at Calicut. Very difficult for my wife to manage her official duties and to look after two small children. Taking all things in to consideration felt that a change was necessary. Circle Conference unanimously elected Com. P.V.Chandrasekharan as new Circle Secretary E.III Union. Time has proved that it was the correct choice.

During four years as Circle Secretary, toured almost all places, addressed meetings, spoke with comrades on their problems and organisational matters. Learnt a lot of things as well as problems of workers. Could turn Kerala Circle as a strong fort of progressive section.

Came in concact with many workers – of P & T as also other sections. Worked in co-ordination with leaders of various service organisation like Coms. E.Padmanabhan (Kerala NGO Union), T.Sivadasa Menon, V.V.Dakshinamoorthy (KPTU), P.K.Nambiar (KGPTA), S.S.Potti (AIIEA), N.B.Thrivikraman Pillai, C.S.V.Warrier, T.Narayanan, Pappan (AGs Office NGO Assn) and many others.

A lot of leaders and workers in P& T including Coms. N.P.Padmanabhan, Convener P & T Coordinating Committe, C.C.Pillai, P.S.Raman Kutty, E.N.Nair, K.Arjunan, Bhargavan Nair, P.Balakrishnan, D.C.D’Cruz and other circle secretaries helped in fulfilling my responsibility. Coms.A.B.Nair, G.Soman, G.Sasidharan Achari, Sivaraman Nair, R.Muralidharan Nair, K.Leelamma and many other leaders and workers of E.III gave full support and all help. I may be excused for not remembering / not mentioning many other comrades with out whose whole hearted support I would not have been able to fulfil my task. (TO BE CONTINUED)