While proceeding to P &T House one day, after taking breakfast from Trivandrum Hotel, a car stopped near me. Com.E.M.S.Namboodiripad, former Kerala Chief Minister and PBM CPI(M), who was in car asked me: “I am seeing you here for last few days. What is the matter?”. Told him that shifted to Trivandrum, after being elected as Circle Secretary of union.” “Come to my house next Sunday”.

Went to his house in Santhi Nagar Colony near exchange next Sunday. EMS was reading sitting in his easy chair. He smiled asked about my stay at Trivandrum, told me to go inside. Spoke with Com.Aniyan, son of EMS, had tea and returned. Went a few times more.

When Com.EMS was staying at Delhi as General Secretary of CPI(M), used to meet him at 14, Windsor Place, CC office, whenever went to Delhi for Committee meetings, Conventions etc. He will ask why I had come to Delhi, enquire about my eldest brother, V.A.Kesavan Namboodiri, then return to his work. Not a single moment to lose for him. Once he entrusted me with a cassette to be handed over to party at Trivandrum, which was his speech to be delivered in election meetings, as he was unable to attend personally as agreed upon.

On our request, EMS agreed to address a meeting of NFPTE at Mangalore. He came by train to Calicut early morning. He was accommodated in Railway rest room in the upper storey. All available morning papers were purchased and given. While watching him reading all of them quickly, a doubt rose in me. How is he managing this? Days later, the idea struck me. It might be that he has trained himself to grasp the important and required portion at a glance, just as we look a photo and grasp details. May be right or wrong. But there was some extra-ordinary capacity in him that allowed him to read lot of books and materials and remember all, quote when necessary. It also came to mind how Adi Shankara is reported to have dictacted verses to four disciples at same time one after another on four different matters. Remembered what Com.M.P.Veerendra Kumar, M.P. jokingly told me once: ‘Com.EMS is a human computer’.

Usually, food was being arranged from Kidson Tourist Home. But when tea was brought, owner of Non- Vegetarian Restaurant requested that he may be allowed to arrange breakfast. Agreed and reminded that no salt and oil, as advised by doctor. Within no time he came back with ordered items and went back. While taking breakfast EMS told that little salt and oil are there. With a smile, he said that the restaurant owner might have thought how a person can take food without salt.

After some time, started for Mangalore. He was in First class. Myself in ordinary. When getting down at Mangalore, he entrusted me a cover addressed to Chintha and asked to post. Weekly column for Chintha. Wrote in train.

Large number of P & T workers in meeting held in Post Office. Inaugural speech very educative as usual. There was a photo of Babu Tarapada Mukberjee on the wall. On his asking, we told that it is photo of founder of Postal Union. ‘Good. You display union leaders’ photo in Post Offices?’

A painful incident. Com. EMS addressing a largely attended public meeting at Mudalakkulam maidan, Calicut. All of a sudden large number of lathi wielding police from the nearby police colony came rushing and started beating people. There seemed to be some local trouble there earlier. A few police were climbing to stage also. There was complete pandemonium. I was sitting in maidan with another comrade. We just ran to road when police came running to beat.

Advocate P.K.Kunhirama Poduval stopped his car near me and said in agitation that EMS is not seen. He had gone to stage to take him, but he was not there. People were fully crowded on the road. Then he told, let us go to Rest House, W.Hill, where EMS was staying. When we reached there, EMS was sitting alone in the room.For the first time, I saw him much agitated and probably angry. We came to know that one comrade has immediately taken EMS in car and brought to Rest House and saved him. ( to be continued)