Great tragedy struck P and T movement. Com.K.G.Bose, revolutionary leader and President of NFPTE, passed away on 11thDecember 1974 at Royal Hospital London, where he was admitted for treatment of dreaded cancer. Entire P and T fraternity was in shock and dismay at loss of the great leader.

Along with Dada Ghosh, Com.KG ensured that entire P & T workers in Bengal and Assam participated in 1946 Postmen Strike. He was jailed and dismissed in connection with 1947 proposed strike. Led 1960 historic strike. He was Circle Secretary of E.III and P.III Unions of W.Bengal as also President of P.III Union. Later he was elected as President of NFPTE. He was elected as MLA to W.Bengal Assembly and also functioned as Member of Pay Commission for W.Bengal State employees. His simplicity and comradely approach to workers were appreciated by all.

K.G.’s health deteriorated due to continued tour and hectic activities. It was diagonised that he was suffering from cancer and was admitted in London Hospital for expert treatment, but could not be saved.

As mentioned earlier, Kerala comrades had a special attachment to him. He had attended Joint Circle Conference of P & T Unions held at Calicut in 1965. He also visited Calicut later. I had earlier mentioned about my first meeting with him in the Trivandrum All India Conference, where he took up the disciplinary case with Member P and T board and settled.

I got opportunity to discuss with him many issues and seek his advice. He was prompt in replying to letters and explained various issues in details. I still keep some of his letters with me. His younger brother, Com.Moni was also a veteran leader of P & T employees and was terminated from service in connection with 1949 strike. He was elected as General Secretary of E.III Union, defeating O.P.Gupta in Bhopal AIC, where I was elected as President. Moni Bose became first Patron of BSNLEU. He passed away in 2010.Com.K.G.’s speeches in All India Conferences were heard with rapt attention. In between sessions, young comrades like us used to meet him and get advice on how to present issues in AIC.

His death is a great loss to CG and P&T employees and a personal loss to me. He will always be remembered as one of the great leaders of P and T trade union movement. He continues to be inspiration for many generations of workers. The road in front of his house is named “K.G.Bose Sarani” in his honour.

Red Salute to Com.K.G.Bose!(to be continued)

Photos. 1. Com.K.G.Bose 2. Myself with Com. Moni Bose 3. KG with wife Com. Parul Bose 4. Procession with Com.K.G. Bose after reciving him at Calicut Railway Station. Myself on his right side.