Red Salute to Com.P.Ramamurti, first General Secretary of CITU and PBM CPI(M) on his 33rd death anniversary on 15th December 2020. Freedom fighter, leader of Congress, Congress Socialist Party, CPI and then CPI(M), his activities at national level continued for five decades. He was jailed several times. His excellent speeches in Parliament were heard with rapt attention. He was one of Navaratnas, the first nine PB Members of CPI(M).
I could meet him in some all India trade union conventions held during 1975 – 1985 at Delhi. I was sitting in front row of the Mavlankar hall where the conference was being held and noting speeches of the leaders, when down from the stage, came to me and asked me to note the proceedings completely and hand over to him after conference. In next two conventions, without his asking, prepared and gave it. I was enthralled of the work entrusted by the great leader.
He passed away on 15th December 1987 after a brief illness. His life was a saga of struggles and sacrifices.
Red Salute to Com.P.Ramamurti!