The All India Kisan Sangarsh Co-Ordination Committee which is spearheading the great and grand Farmers’ Struggle has given a call to boycott the products of the corporates, particularly that of Reliance.

Modi government is wholly responsible for the sorry state of affairs in the telecom sector for pursing a pro- Reliance Jio policy incurring huge losses to all the telecom companies except Reliance Jio. BSNL is not being allowed to start its 4G services despite declaration of a revival package on 23rd October, 2019. When all the private telecom companies are free to purchase equipments from foriegn companies and started the 4G service well in advance and now Jio has declared about the launching of 5G services in the near future, hurdles are purposely created to stall the 4G service of BSNL.

It is a known fact that BSNL is the only telecom company still capable of competing Reliance Jio, adding new mobile subscribers while all other telecom companies loosing lakhs of subcribers regularly. So the Modi government is bent upon to kill BSNL for the sake of Reliance Jio. AUAB is fighting against this nefarious onslaught which is supported by AIBDPA.

We can do more in resisting the greedy Jio by boycotting their services and switching over to BSNL by those availing Jio services for whatever reasons. Also we have to undertake a campaign for boycotting Jio services among the general public in the wake of the call of the farmers. (aibdpa website)