Dear Comrades,

The farmers in the country are in a do or die battle against the anti-farmer policy of Modi government. They are compelled to March to the National Capital against the three agrarian acts, adopted by the Parliament in a most undemocratic manner. Modi goverment is repeating the rhetoric that the these bills are intended to benefit the farmers as claimed in the cases of monetisation, GST and change in the base year of CPI. Modi government mercilessly rejected the demand of the farmers for Minimum Support Price for their products. The farmers are fully convinced of the dangerous impacts of the provisions of these new acts; The Multi national Corporations are given freedom to dictate terms of farming, purchase, processing,storage and marketing. They naturally apprehend that in effect it will finish freedom to do farming, will increase input burden, debts, losses, farm suicides and displcement of land.

As far as the people are concerned, they will have to suffer due to the hoarding, black marketing and increased price of food products and a freedom for the corporates to exploit the maximum. As you are aware repeal of farm laws was one of the main demands of the Cetral Trade Unions for the 26th November Strike.

The farmers struggle is being spearheaded by the All India Kisan Sangarsh Co-ordination Committee in which several organisations, irrespective of political affiliation are included. Modi government tried its level best to crush the struggle by preventing them from entering Delhi. Police and Army were deployed and barricades, concrete blocks, trucks, water cannons, teargas shells were used against the farmers. They braved all these repressions and stand determined. Finally, the government had to relent and called them for negoitiation but with condition that the farmers should move to a maidan. It was rejected by the struggling farmers and the discussion held with the government on 01-12-2020 failed as the government took an adament stand. The only offer from the government was that they will appoint a committee to examine the issue which was rejected by the farmers forum.

Meanwhile more and more farmers are coming to Delhi from various states and the five highways to Delhi are almost blocked by the farmers. So the government seems to be in a sticky wicket and has called for another discussion on 03-12-2020.

This is one of the biggest struggles, the country has witnessed and gaining huge support from almost all section of the society. Comrades, the farmers are the backbone of the country and they are feeding the entire people. So we cannot reamain a silent spectator to this great struggle. (AIBDPA CHQ WEBSITE)