The countrywide General Strike called by the 10 Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations on November 26, 2020 turned to be the largest Strike in the world. It is reported that more than 25 crore workers have participated in the Strike. The strike was responded by all sections of the workers and farmers and in some of the states like Kerala it was complete Bundh. So the working class in the country has created another history and it will be marked as a great milestone in the struggles of the country.

In BSNL also the strike , called by the 8 unions under the leadership of BSNLEU ,was held successfully. AIBDPA salutes all the participants in the strike.

The pensioners under the auspices of NCCPA have organised Solidarity Dharna very successfully all over the country in support of the General Strike. All the units of the affiliated pensioners organisations have also sent email to the Finance Minister supporting the Strike and raising the important pensioners issues on 25-11-2020.

The General Strike was necessitated due to the anti-worker, anti-farmer and anti-people policies of the Narendra Modi Government. The Government completely neglected the genuine demands raised by the Central Trade Unions and never took the initiative for a negotiated settlement.  This has cleralry exposed the undemocratic stand of the ruling class. 

No doubt, the spectacular success of the strike is a befitting warning to the Modi government and more intensified struggles may continue to be waged, if not the just demands are not conceded. (AIBDPA Website)