The BSNL workers under the leadership of AUAB are going for sustained struggles to get the revival package declared by the Communications minister to get implemented. The main issue is the allotment of 4G Spectrum and its operation. While the VRS in the revival package has been immediately implemented, other points are delayed. 4G Spectrum not allotted. The tenders for 4G spectrum have been toppled by the government itself on flimsy grounds. It is not sure whether proceeds from the sale of assets will come to BSNL or appropriated by the government.

Hence the struggle planned by the AUAB is fully justified. Almost all the unions and associations in BSNL are in AUAB. Those unions and associations which are outside should join or co-ordinate with AUAB so that the struggle will be much more powerful.

My personal opinion is that the ITS and other top officers, except the Managing Committee / BSNL Board should co-ordinate with the struggle so that the government will have no other way but to accept the demands.

In the Telecom Department, it was only class III and Class IV employees who used to go on strike. But in BSNL, executives along with non-executives participated in strikes. This unity has to be widened with the top executives also joining the struggle to save BSNL. Their future is also connected with the existence and growth of BSNL.