After receipt of the strike notice, a meeting was called by CMD BSNL on 11-06-202 continued on 12-06-2012. All the General Secretaries were present. After protracted discussions, the following agreement was reached between the Forum and the management:

Agreement on 12-06-2012
1. Revision of pay is agreed as per fitment benefit @ 78.2% wef from 01-01-2007 subject to approval by the competent authority. However, actual payment will be made prospectively and the arrears will be deferred for the time being and will be paid only when the financial position of the company improves. This will be applicable for the pensioners also.
2. Medical reimbursement with voucher for out-door treatment, Professional Upgradation Allowance and HRA will continue to be paid at basic pay with 68.8% fitment. Payment of these allowances will be reviewed on 01-04-2013, subject to the financial position of the company.
3. All other allowances ie. Children Education Allowance, Tution Fee, Hostel Subsidy, Family Planning Allowance etc. will continue to be paid at the present rates.
4. The issue of implementation of Child Care Leave will be taken up with BSNL Board for re-consideration.
5. For the purpose of provision of superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees, as per the DPE guide lines, a committee will be constituted to re-examine the issues and give its recommendations.

With the signing of this agreement, the Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations and FNTO decided to defer their proposed indefinite strike from 13th June 2012.
The agreement was signed by Shri N.K.Narang GM(SR) on behalf of the management. The following signed on behalf of the Forum: Coms. P.Abhimanyu (BSNLEU),Prahlad Rai(AIBSNLEA), Islam Ahmed(NFTE), S.V.S.Subramaniam (BTEU BSNL), Suresh Kumar (BSNLMS), N.D.Ram (SEWA BSNL), K.Sebastin (SNEA), Zile Singh (NTSU), H.P.Singh (BSNLOA), R.P.Sahu(AIGETOA), K.Jayaprakash (FNTO), S.P.Sharma(WRU), Hari Singh (BTU) and D.P.Patwa (AIBCTES).

The agreement was a great success in the situation when the company was in loss. The struggle of the workers was not in vain. The large mobilisation of the workers, their preparation for strike to ensure justice – all created a situation where the management was compelled to discuss and agree to the reasonable demands of the workers.
The meeting of the Forum on 4th September 2012 discussed in detail about the pending issues and also full implementation of the agreement signed on 12-06-2012. It was understood that the BSNL Board has approved 78.2% IDA fixation, but he same will have to be approved by DOT. No decision has been taken about the child care Leave. (To be continued)