It was during my stay at Trivandrum as Circle Secretary of E.III Union. I used to come to Calicut as many times as possible, since my wife and small children at Calicut only.

That day I started for Calicut by Trivandrum Mangalore Malabar Express by sleeper coach. Just before train started a young Muslim couple boarded. Side berths. Family friends outside the window to send off. Wedding dress, heavy shining golden jewelleries  – neck chains, bangles, ear-rings – all indicated, a newly wed couple. Probably just after marriage. Train started.

Passengers like me were worried, but could not say anything since they were strangers and enjoying their journey, viewing outside scenery. Just before reaching Quilon, the train stopped in a very small station. It was almost 20.00 hours, the platform was dimly lighted. It was not a regular stop for Malabar Express.

All of a sudden, the girl cried with pain. The young man was running to the door and got down in the platform shouting ‘thief, thief’. We all went to the door. The young man was running towards the back side of the train to catch the thief. Yes, a person from outside the window has broken one or more chains from her neck, and ran away with it.

The train started moving. But the young man has not returned. All of us were worried. The girl started crying. She lost her chain. But where was her husband? We pulled the train-chain. Train slowly stopped. The young man came running back and boarded. The station master came and the matter was reported to him.

The thief has gone with the neck chain/s. Could not be caught. Then somebody spoke in general. The thief might have boarded from Trivandrum it self  and watched for a chance to snatch the chain. Going after such persons in darkness will be dangerous, since they may be daredevils, will be armed and will attack in order to escape. Everybody understood the seriousness of the situation. We all were very sad,  for the couple. It was not only  loss of chain, but much more than that immediately after a happy marriage.

It was a  lesson not only for the young couple, but for all of us.