The outbursts of Shri Anantkumar Hegde, BJP M.P. from Karnataka in a public function that ‘BSNL employees are traitors’,’BSNL employees are not willing to work’ and that ‘ all the 88,000 BSNL employees will be fired and the government will privatise BSNL’ are atrocious. The All Unions and Associations of BSNL(AUAB) has already strongly protested.

The statement of the M.P. is condemnable. There is no base for the venom-spitting. Since formation of BSNL, its employees have been continuously championing for a better and cheaper service to the people. Of course the workers have strongly protested and defeated the government move to disinvest, privatise and liquidate it. That may be the reason for his outburst. But no one expects such unjustified outbursts from a representative of the people.

BSNL and its workers have always been at the service of the nation. It is only BSNL which always came to the rescue of the people in time of natural calamities and such tragedies. Private companies are interested only in garnering profits. This has been proved several times.

If the statement was made by a lunatic, it can be understood; But not from an M.P. We strongly condemn the unjustified accusation against the workers and demands the Central government and the BJP leadership to take necessary action.