A meeting of the Central Executive Committee of BSNLEU was fixed at Pune on 15-17 June 2005 and I had my flight booked. I reached the airport in time, checked-in and received the boarding pass. I saw Com.Chittabrata Majumdar, M.P. and General Secretary CITU, sitting in the lounge. I went and met him. Of course he was coming to inaugurate the CEC on our invitation. He was not feeling fell and was unable to walk. While I was speaking with him, the airport staff came with a wheel chair and was taking him to the flight. I also went with him assisting when required. We were lifted to our Indian Airlines flight and he was allotted a seat in the first row of the economic class by the young air-hostess. I requested her to allot a seat near him so that I can be of assistance, if required. She did not mind me and I had to go to my seat somewhat irritated, since the passengers were entering the flight. I felt very uneasy.

After the plane was in air, I went to the air-hostess’s cabin and spoke in a bit angry tone, why she did not allow me a nearby seat to assist my companion. All of a sudden her face became red and I was worried whether she was going to cry. She told me in  broken voice that she did not hear me, she is new to the job and please do not complain to higher authorities. Now I was worried. I told her no problem and that I am not going to complain to anybody. In fact she did not violate any rule. I went to Com. Majumdar, but he was already sleeping. Did not want to disturb him. Came back. By the time we reached Pune, he was feeling better.

I learned one lesson. Do not be rude to anybody, especially to women.

Next day Com. Chittabrata inaugurated the CEC and delivered a meaningful speech. By He was was quite well and returned to Delhi.