The NFPE Federal Council was scheduled to be held at Cannanore from 15th to 18th May 1995. Coms. N.J.Iyer President, K.Adinarayana, Secretary General and many other leaders will attend. I was an invitee. An opportunity to visit my family at Calicut.

Started from Delhi on 7th May by the Mangala Express. Could not get reservation. In waiting list. Boarded in a 3 tier sleeper with  hope of getting reservation on the way. A family including their smart little daughter going to Mangalore also in the same compartment. Got acquainted. The girl was very intelligent and was teaching me the names of the flowers etc in English when  passing through the forests of North India. We spoke in English only. Her name was Fiona.

When every body was preparing to sleep. I spread a sheet on the floor to sleep. The girl told her mother that she will sleep with her and her berth can be given to ‘uncle’. I thanked her for the berth and went to sleep.

Our train stopped at Jolarpet for hours together. A serious accident. A goods train clashing with the Madras – Kanyakumari Nallai Express. It was told that 60 people died on the spot and many more seriously injured. By the time  train reached Salem it was 24 hours late. Reached Calicut at about 11.00 hours on 16th May, late by  one full day.

My programme for the Federal Council was on 16th. No time to get down at Calicut to go home, take bath etc. Extended ticket up to Cannanore. Participated in NFPE council and addressed.

Along with Com.P.V.Chandrasekharan, Circle Secretary, E.III Union Kerala, who was there, visited Com. E.P.Jayarajan ( presently Minister in Kerala govt) who was under treatment at  home, shot by goondas while returning by train from a party meeting at Vijayawada.

I returned to Calicut in the evening. Fiona and family became our family friends. Her marriage  was celebrated two years back at Mangalore which I was  fortunate to participate. Both of us were extremely happy as also her parents Mr. and Mrs Cyril Crasta. Later happily I found out that Mrs. Flora Crasta belongs to Logo family whose one senior member was the Convener of the P and T Co-ordinating Committee of Mangalore for a long time.