During 1990s a good number of struggles were organised by the Confederation of CG Employees as also NFPE and NFTE. It was a practice to send leaders from Central Head Quarters, Delhi to the states to organise the struggle. Com. Des Raj Sharma, then Dy. General secretary P.IV union and I were allotted to tour Punjab Circle. I was happy that there was company in the journey.

The plan was to go directly to Amritsar, the last point, and then return to cities Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Chandigarh one after another. Com.Desh Raj Sharma was a sincere and dedicated leader who was also very hard-working. He gave excellent assistance to Com. K.Adinarayana, then General Secretary, P.IV. Com. Deshraj told me not to worry about arrangements, he will do whatever needed. ‘You be at the railway station in time’, he said. I was in the station with bag etc.sufficiently early, as is my usual habit. Deshraj reached in time and the train has arrived. He took me to the RMS compartment. There used to be RMS compartment in all important trains to carry the postal articles and also to sort them from the train itself and deliver at the concerned stations. It was very heavy and hard work. Some times there will be sleeping berths for the off duty officials to rest. It was early morning and we sat discussing union matters, also with the RMS staff. They also liked the presence of two general secretaries and discussion of union matters.I asked Deshraj why travel in RMS compartment? He told me that ‘you do not know the rush in the train going to Amritsar, the city of Golden Temple to which many passengers will be there.’
In whichever station the train was stopping, postal luggage and articles were being put in. After some time, the space was full and we had to sit on the articles. At Ludhiana, which is a big manufacturing city of woolen clothes, sports articles, cycles etc. luggage after luggage was being put in. We had no place to sit except on the bags almost touching our heads to the roof of the compartment. The RMS staff were also in difficulty, but that is their duty and they are adjusted to it. I was worried, but Desh Raj was smiling.You have to learn to travel during rush hours, he said.

Somehow we reached Amritsar and got down. There was a good meeting. The same in all the cities one after another. But I insisted that henceforth we will travel only in the regular compartments. He agreed. Thus the journey in RMS compartments was over.