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Minutes of NCCPA National Executive meeting held on 16.7.2020

The meeting was attended by 23 comrades of the 35 invited. Due to some technical problem, the meeting could not commence at the appointed time. It was delayed by half an hour. There had been some problem in the conduct of the meeting. This is mentioned in order to avoid the repetition thereof in the subsequent meetings The participating members hereafter will have to learn to switch off the mike and switch on when they are asked to speak. This apart they must also ensure that no person is allowed to be with them when they are on video conferencing and no disturbance is created even inadvertently. This apart it was noticed that the participants were attending phone calls without switching off the mike. Either avoid taking a phone call during the meeting or go out to talk or switch off the mike.

The meeting was presided over by Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra. All the agenda items were taken together for discussion due to the time constraints. Almost all the participants spoke at the meeting. The meeting discussed the following agenda items:

Review of the programme chalked out against the DR freeze and DR denial.
CGHS – covid related matters.
Publication of the journal through electronic medium.
Subscription for 2019-20.
Sanction for the purchase of printer cum scanner.
Any other matter with the permission of the chair.

The meeting came to the conclusion that:

(i) The affiliates and State Units will send in report to the Secretary General of the number of persons who had sent the e mail to the PM by the end of July, 2020 The information will be compiled and will be placed for evaluation in the next meeting of the NE (Video Conference) which will be held by end of August, 2020. In that meeting further course of action will be chalked out. The question of filing case against the decision of the Government on DA/DP will be decided in consultation with other organizations.

(ii) The affiliates and State units will write to the Secretary General of the issues which are still to be taken up with the Government on CGHS related apart from what has already been discussed in respect of covid 19 pandemic.

(iii) The Secretary Generals of affiliates especially BSNL and PNB will personally take up the issues with the Secretary General of the issues they feel that should be raised from the platform of NCCPA.

(iv) The journal will be published through electronic medium. Steps will be taken by the Secretary General in this regard.

(v) All affiliates will be making payment of subscription due for the FY 2019-20 and 2020-21. The amount paid to litigation fund being adjusted to the subscription would be considered when final decision is taken to drop the idea of filing petition before the courts over option No. 1.

(vi) The question raised by Com. S.K. Sharma r in respect of registration under T.U. Act, i.e. amendments to constitution, other documents etc. was addressed . The Secretary General said that he would send back by speed post any requisite documents received by him immediately on receipt. The earlier meeting of the NE had already decided to make requisite changes n the constitution and therefore, Com. M.L. Gupta can make those changes.

(vii) The suggestion that NCCPA should take up all issues concerning the affiliates with the Government was raised by Com. S.K. Sharma. It was agreed that in cases where such intervention is required the Secretary General of NCCPA would do the needful.

(viii) Sanction would be accorded to the purchase of printer cum scanner. The Secretary General will circulate the details thereof.

(ix) The organizational issue concerning membership discussed at the Pre-conference NE meeting was again raised by Com. S.K.Sharma. The Secretary General, said that it could not be discussed through video conferencing. As and when the situation eases in respect of the pandemic, the same will be slated for discussion at a formal meeting of the National Executive.

The meeting was concluded at 5.30 PM.

Earlier post by AIBDPA.
The National Executive of NCCPA has been held through video conferencing on 16-07-2020. Com.Shiv Gopal Mishra, President presided over the meeting. Com.K K N Kutty, Secretary General briefed on the agenda items. Out of 32 invitees, 23 comrades participated. Coms.V A N Namboodiri (Patron), K G Jayaraj (Deputy Secretary General) and H S Thakur (Organising Secretary) participated from AIBDPA.

Com.K G Jayaraj raised the issues of pension revision of BSNL pensioners and denial of Medical facilities to BSNL retirees for the last two years and wanted to be taken up by NCCPA.

The email to Prime Minister demanding the order on freezing the DA/DR has to be sent by all units without further delay.

The detailed minutes/ circular of NCCPA wil be published.