Train Journeys 13 – Joke or Fact ?

During 1977 to 1981, while I was Circle Secretary, E.III Union Kerala Circle, had to stay at headquarters Trivandrum. I had to visit home at Calicut, where my wife and young children stayed. I managed to come by night train on Fridays atleast twice in a month, if not weekly.

Many MLAs and other political leaders also return by Friday. They also travel by 3 tier sleeper only. They will discuss politics, make jokes etc. It was a time of relaxation for them.

Once I was in the same compartment with some CPI(M) leaders including veteran leader Com.E.K.Nayanar. They were discussing many things, myself a silent spectator. When it was time to sleep, Com.M.V.Raghavan spoke in a ‘serious’ tone. ‘Dont allow Com.Nayanar to sleep in his middle berth’. Others asked why? MVR continued “When we were going to attend a meeting, Com.Nayanar got a middle berth. All were sleeping, when there was a big ‘thud’ noise and every body woke up. Com.Nayanar was on the floor !” Everybody including Nayanar laughed heartily. Joke or fact ?
Anyhow Nayanar slept only on lower berth that night.