After being elected as the Kerala Circle Secretary of All India Telecom Employees Union Class III (NFPTE) in 1977 Kottayam Conference, I was nominated to the Circle Council of Joint Consultative Committee (JCM), of STR /STP Circle  with  head quarters at Madras. The meetings were expected to be held every three months, but some times it may be delayed. In these meetings, as a Member, I was to participate.

It was for such a meeting I was going to Madras. Since JCM Members are eligible for I Class travel, I had booked ticket in first class. AC compartments have not been introduced. I was in waiting list, even then I was allowed to travel in first class. It was a four berth coupe. By about 10.00 pm all were ready to sleep. Since I had no berth, I spread a sheet on the floor and started to lie down.

There were two Europeans, one gent and one lady in the compartment, may be husband and wife, may be not. But they told me that they will sleep in one berth (the first class berths are wide enough) and I can sleep in the other. I was surprised by their generous offer and of course accepted and thanked them.

While returning from Madras next day, I was alone in the first class compartment till the last moment. All of a sudden, there were a lot of people rushing to the compartment with much luggage and a bundle of  journals. Except one person, all others left before the train started. With surprise I could recognise that my co-passenger was none other than famous cine star Shri Prem Nazir. The other two berths were vacant. Probably he might have booked them also, I don’t know.

A chance in a life-time. I introduced myself and we started discussing many matters. He was going to Calicut for some programme. I could understand that he was interested in reading. Then I asked him whether there is any intention on his part to enter in to  politics, as reported by the news papers at that time. He laughed and told me ‘no such plan’. He added that Kerala is not like T.Nadu, where many cinema stars entered  politics.

In the morning I got down at Tirur to attend a meeting there, after saying good bye to the actor.