8th July 2020 is the 106th Birth Anniversary of Com. Jyoti Basu, the veteran leader of the CPI(M) and Chief Minister of W.Bengal for long 33 years from 21-06-1977 to 05-11-2000. He was one of the PB Members of the CPI(M) from its formation till his death. He was one of the founders of CITU and was its Vic-President since its inception.

Com.Jyoti Basu, as a trade union leader was closely connected with the trade union movement in P and T. He has mentioned about the 1946 Postal Strike and the mammoth Rally held in W.Bengal on July 29th 1946 in support of the strike called by AITUC, the only national trade union on those days. He inaugurated the P and T House, union office of NFPTE, Kerala  in Trivandrum on 27th September 1989. He attended and addressed many Conferences of the  NFPTE Unions.

I remember the opportunity I got as the General Secretary of the BSNLEU to meet him in a Conference and discuss with him about the telecom issues and request him as the Chief Minister to ensure telecom services in the government offices in W.Bengal fully from the BSNL. He was very sympathetic and assured to do the needful.

He was one of the tall leaders of the Left in the country. The opponents were so jealous and afraid of his popularity that they made more than one attempt to murder him, but failed. He was a the leader who effectively and strategically put an end to the Congress misrule in W.Bengal.

Red Salute to Com. Jyoti Basu on his 106th birth anniversary!