Senior Citizens Friends Welfare Association (SCFWA), Kerala is completing 14 years of fruitful service to the elder people of the state. Formed on 9th July 2006 at the initiative of a few friends, the association has grown in to the largest welfare association of the senior citizens,those aged above 60, in Kerala.

During the last 14 years, the association has taken issues of the elder persons, including health issues, treatment, security, living with dignity and without being harassed, financial security etc. The present Left Democratic Front (LDF) government in Kerala, led by Com.Pinarayi Vijayan has taken effective steps for security and social justice to the elderly, though much is yet to be done. Social Security Pension of Rs.1,300 is being paid monthly and the same is paid at their home, who are invalid or unable to go out. SCFWA has demanded that it should be increased to Rs. 5,000 per month. Towards this target, the government is increasing Rs. 100 every year. Social security pension by the Central government is only a paltry amount of Rs. 200 per month. It has to be increased. Police have been directed to go to the houses of the elderly and ensure their security and well being.

Senior citizens Council is formed at state and districts by the state government under the chairmanship of the Minister at the state level and head of the local self government institutions at the Corporation/Panchayat levels with representatives of the association, which discuss the issues connected with the welfare of the aged people. Old Age Homes are also organised by the Government in addition to those run by private institutions.

SCFWA is publishing a monthly journal ‘Vayojana Vartha’ with details of the government programmes, organisational matters and also general issues of the senior citizens. The Association is headed a committee headed by Shri V.A.N.Namboodiri as President and Shri Amaravila Ramakrishnan s General Secretary.

Warm Greetings to all senior citizens on the 15th Foundation Day of SCFWA!