The lakhs of BSNL pensioners are unhappy and restive since their most important issues are being delayed by the BSNL management and central government. Neither medical reimbursement nor medical allowance has been paid for the last one and half years.  15% Pension revision due from 01-01-2017 is not settled, though three and half years are over.

VRS Pensioners are not fully paid their due Ex-Gratia amount.

This injustice is being done against the the sincere and committed workers who have provided yeomen service to the people of this great  country during their service of 35 to 40 years under all difficult and different situations. They were part of the great Posts and Telegraphs Department earlier, before they were forcibly converted in to the BSNL corporation. Had  they  continued in the government service, just like the ITS officers, there would have been no difficulty in the pension revision and medical bills / allowance.

The BSNL Management and Centre is doing great injustice. They should immediately rethink the matter and ensure that the medical allowance / reimbursements are paid as also the Pension revision is made.

In the same way, the claims of the VRS retirees like Ex-Gratia should be paid without any further delay.

AIBDPA , the Biggest pension association in BSNL, has taken up all these issues with the government and is making all out efforts to get the same settled.