Procurement of equipments

The Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and  Associations met on  1st January 2010 and discussed the latest situation with regard to the development and expansion of BSNL services and connected matters. The cancellation of the 45.5 million mobile tender by BSNL has created a serious situation for BSNL with no mobile lines to provide. The company which was in the first position had gone down to the third position  in the mobile sector, while keeping its first position in landlines. Total market share has gone down to 16.38% from the earlier 20%. More lines have to be purchased urgently. Under these circumstances, the JF decided to organise the following agitational programmes demanding immediate tender and purchase of 93 million mobile line for expansion.

1.Telegram Campaign: Circle / District / Branch secretaries to send the following telegram to the Prime Minister so as to reach before 6th January 2010. To Shri Manmohan Singh Prime Minister New Delhi. ” KINDLY INTERVENE TO SAVE BSNL BY IMMEDIATE FINALISATION OF 93 MILLION GSM LINES” – Name of Circle/District Branch Secretary.

Memorandum to the Prime Minister

A Memorandum  dated 5th January 2010 was submitted to the Prime Minister with the same demands. It was signed by Comrades V.A.N.Namboodiri (BSNLEU), Convener, G.L.Jogi(SNEA), Suresh Kumar (BSNLMS), V.Subburaman (TEPU), B.R.Jhakatia(SEWA BSNL), Hukam Singh (SNATTA), and Devi Prasad (AIBCTES).

The JF leaders met Communications Minister A.Raja on 4th January and requested the intervention of the Minister to speed up the 93 million GSM tender.

Retrograde recommendations of Sam Pitroda committee

The retrograde recommendations of the committee headed by Sam Pitroda, former secretary DOT and telecom expert, raised sharp reactions from the workers. It proposed 30% disinvestment in BSNL, retrenchment of one lakh workers, unbundling of the copper cables, outsourcing of works etc. The Joint Forum conducted a detailed study and submitted its suggestions. In its meeting on 10th and 15th March 2010, JF discussed the issue in detail and decided to strongly protest and go on agitation.  The following programmes were decided:

1.One Day Dharna on 26-03-2010  2. Indefinite strike from 20-04-2010.

In order to bring NFPTE back in to JF ( which has discontinued from the JF some time back), the name of the JF was changed in to Joint Action Committee and the new office bearers were elected with Com. M.B.Vichare (NFPTE) as Chairman and Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri (BSNLEU) as Convener. NFTE was keeping away from the JF after the membership verification and all wanted no embarrassment to them while joining back.

Strike Notice served.

Strike Notice with the following demands were served on the BSNL Management on 23-03-2010 after a massive demonstration participated by hundreds of workers at corporate office. All over India, the demonstrations were participated by thousands.

  1. Settle ITS Absorption issue.
  2. No disinvestment, no privatization of BSNL
  3. No retrenchment, No VRS
  4. No unbundling of last mile copper and other infrastructure
  5. No outsourcing
  6. Immediate procurement of mobile lines
  7. Ensure IDA Pension Revision to BSNL pensioners.
  8. The strike notice was signed by Comrades V.A.N.Namboodiri(BSNLEU) Convener, N.T.Sajwani (NFPTE) Chairman,  K.Vallinayagam (FNTO), V.Subburaman (TEPU), Suresh Kumar (BSNLMS), G.L.Jogi (SNEA), S.P.Sharma (BSNLWRU), K.Anil Kumar (ATM), Sathyanarayana (AIBSNLEA), N.D.Ram (SEWA BSNL), Hari Singh (BTU BSNL), D.P.Patwa (AIBCTES) and H.P.Singh (BSNLOA).  (To be continued)