For some time, there is a slogan being raised by some friends,” One India One Pension”. Probably it is being raised not to equalise the pension, but to create a hatred against the pensioners as a whole among the people. Those who do not have any income and those who have to work even in their old age for a living is being put against with the pensioners who get some money even after retiring.

What is the real picture we have to see? Why is it that there is a big difference in the income of a few crores in the country and the vast majority of the people who are not even able to make both ends meet. This is the major issue that is to be raised. Every body should at least get sufficient income for a simple living. At the same time the Indian government, as many developed countries, are moving to reduce the pension or completely withdraw it.

Hence what is to be demanded is ” One India One Income” and not ” One India One Pension”. If it is the same income, then the pension or whatever it is will be the same. But we know that except in socialism at its highest level, such a target is difficult to achieve. But at the same time, the gross difference in the income and assets can be reduced which will give solace to the downtrodden.In India, 1% of the people who are super rich are having income equal to 4 times the income of the 70% of the people.

Hence if a slogan is required, it should be “ONE INDIA, ONE INCOME”. Other things will follow.