There are a lot of expectations among Indians about the launching of the 5G service in India. However, as per media reports, 5 spectrum auctioning will not be held in 2020. It is understood that auctioning of 4G spectrum will be held this year and 5G spectrum auctioning is being deferred to 2021. The reasons behind this delay in the auctioning of 5G spectrum are as follows:-

The biggest reason for the delay is said to be the uncertainty, whether Huawei and ZTE will be allowed to deploy 5G networks in India.
Telecom Companies feel that the base price of Rs.492 crore per unit of 5G spectrum is very high.
There is uncertainty over the quantum 5G spectrum available for telecom companies, since Department of Space and Ministry of Defence are pressing for the allotment of more 5G spectrum to them.
Media reports also say that, Vodafone Idea and Airtel want 5G spectrum auctioning to be delayed, since both these companies are in financial trouble. (Courtesy: BSNLEU website)