Journey from Kerala and to Kerala will have much higher charges.
In this connection, I remember that Kerala was always discriminated by Centre and Air India.
Earlier, probably in the first decade of this century, there was an arrangement of selling air ticket coupon books with 8, 16 etc tickets, each ticket costing Rs.4,000/- You have to contact Air India booking office and inform that you have to go to travel to such and such places on particular dates. You will write thes details in your coupon and can travel with that coupon.
The point I want to mention is that to travel to any place in India from Delhi, one coupon was sufficient. But for the airports in Kerala, two coupns of Rs.4,000 was necessary. Going back also. So I used travel up to Coimbatore with one coupon and then train to Calicut. Same way return to Delhi by boarding from Coimbatore.
The discrimination continues.
Central govts always were discriminating Kerala in many ways. This has got to be stopped.