Today International Nurses Day. Thanks to the millions of Nurses who give solace and life to the humanity in its most difficult times! It is specially significant that this day is observed on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who was role model of modern nursing and that today it is her 200th birth anniversary.
But did fair play and justice ensured to these dedicated angels of the earth in their wages, working conditions and of course their respect in the society?
At times of natural calamity, epidemics & pandemics, accidents etc. they are glorified, but quickly forgotten. We experience their total dedication, assistance and sympathy while lying helpless in hospital, but forget them altogether afterwards.
They serve delicately in all parts of the world whether in time of peace or war. They are also victims of war and epidemics. They do not have any boundary. They were with you at the time of your birth and most probably will be at the time of your last days.
They are not limited to their own family. The entire humanity is their family. But do not forget that they are also human beings and have an existence of their own – with difficulties, pain, joy and ambitions for a happy life.
While celebrating International Nurses Day today let us wholeheartedly thank them and also make all out efforts to ensure justice and a happy life to these angels of the earth!