Through out the world the attack of Coronavirus has taken away more than 2,70,000 lives and many more people are tested positive and under treatment.  In India also, it is spreading.

Lock Down is declared and people are at home. Strict instructions are there that aged and children should strictly follow health  instructions, since they are more prune to the coronavirus.

But Lock Down does not mean that you should be inactive or lazy. This is the time for reading, writing, contacting your friends and relatives, using the social media, making the lost time with your family etc etc. There are so many things you wanted to do, but could not do due to lack of time. Now this is the time for that pending matters.

Take exercise, walk inside your home, take your medicines and food in time and ensure required sleep and rest.

By the time the Lock Down is over, you will more fresh and energetic.

Aged had faced many challenges before. Now also let us face the challenge.