Protest Demonstration on 01-03-2006 on ADC and Revenue Sharing

Despite assurance by the government, the ADC to be paid by the private operators was reduced as per the decision of the TRAI, which was always partial to the private operators. The ADC being paid by the private telecoms is to be paid to the PSUs to compensate for their loss in providing universal connectivity. As per the decision of the TRAI, the net result was that the due payment to be made by the private telcos to the tune of Rs. 5,300 crores was reduced to Rs. 2,000 crore. Amount from the revenue sharing was also reduced causing loss to the government.
As per the decision of the Joint Forum, Protest Demonstrations were organized in all SSAs which were addressed by the leaders of various unions who are part of Joint Forum.
Meeting with the Secretary DOT on 7th June 2006
Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener JF, along with other members met Shri J.S Sharma, Secretary DOT and had detailed discussions on the major issues confronting BSNL. The following were the issues discussed:
1. Navaratna status to BSNL: The Secretary DOT assured that the Navaratna status will be conferred to BSNL next year after fulfillment of the obligatory provisions.
2. Unbundling of local loop: The apprehension of the workers on the formation of a sub-committee headed by the Secretary DOT on the issue was discussed and the JF strongly opposed the same. Secretary assured that the commitment given earlier continued and no unbundling will take place.
3. Merger of BSNL and MTNL: Secretary DOT assured that the talk of merger is only speculation of the media and there is no decision for the same.
The Joint Forum addressed a letter to Shri Dayanidhi Maran, Communications Minister, on 26th June 2006, strongly opposing the proposal for unbundling the last minute copper and sought for a meeting.
The JF in its meeting on 5th and 10th July 2006 decided to organize agitational programmes on the following issues:
1. No disinvestment of BSNL / MTNL.
2. No unbundling of local loop.
3. No sharing BSNL / MTNL infrastructure with private operators.
4. No increase in FDI
5. No reduction in Revenue Sharing and ADC
6. Immediate grant of Navaratna status to BSNL
7. Grant of autonomy to BSNL and MTNL
8. Expand mobile and broadband services
9. Early and amicable settlement of ITS absorption.
The following are the programmes:
1. Joint lunch hour demonstrations to be organized on 27 July 2006 at Circle/SSA levels and also send telegrams to the Prime Minister demanding “NO DISINVESTMENT, NO UNBUNDLING OF LOCAL LOOP OF BSNL MTNL”.
2. March to Parliament on 3rd August 2006.
3. Strike in September 2006, the date of which will be decided later. (to be continued)