Kerala and Covid-19
1. Lowest death rate in the world. World average -5.75 % India 2.83% and KERALA-0.58%
2. Highest number of Covid Testing in India based on population density.
3. First in India to establish Covid Testing Kiosks (WISK)
4. First in India to try Plasma Therapy (Convalescent Plasma Therapy) even before many countries around world.
5. Every District has at least Two Covid Special hospitals
6. First state in India to make law on Epidemic Control. (Kerala Epidemic Diseases Act)
7. First State in India to start Tele-Medicine
8. First State in India to provide Tele-Medicine, Expert consultation for Indian diaspora
9. “No one without Food” – First state in India to start 1400 Plus Community Kitchens across state.
10. Highest number of Migrant Labor Camps in India – 5500 Plus
11. 15541 Camps and Shelters in Kerala out of 22567 in all over India.
12. First state in India to appoint 300+ Doctors and 400+ Health Inspectors on war footing within 24 Hrs time
13. First State in India to declare stimulus package of 20000 Cr Financial Aid
14. First state in India to provide One Month Food without any consideration of APL/BPL
15. “Break the Chain “Campaign – First in India for Hand washing, Sanitizing and Social Distancing.
16. First State in India to provide Mid Day Meal at home for Kindergartens (Anganawadi’s)
17. First State in India to expand Internet bandwidth and connectivity for Lockdown situation.
18. CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s strategic thinking is better and faster than any CEO’s – Mumbai Mirror – Times Group
19. “What Kerala thinks today, India must think tomorrow ! Good to see more and more Indians acknowledge this! “ Rajdeep Sardesai – India Today
20. CM Pinarayi Vijayan- The Standout Performer , Seasoned Administrator – Editorial by -The Indian Express
21. “Why straight-talking Pinarayi Vijayan and Andrew Cuomo are getting the admiration they deserve” The Telegraph
22. “Aggressive Testing, contact tracing, cooked meals”- How the Indian State Kerala flattened its Coronavirus Curve- The Washington Post
23. First state in India to conduct Daily situation analysis headed by Chief Minister
24. Only State in India conducts daily situational briefing on public health and protective measures and programs by Chief Minister, Health and Revenue Ministers and Chief Secretary
25. Best Public Health Care Facilities in India (First 13 Numbers belongs to Kerala)
26.”A ‘Kerala model’ worthy of emulation
Deccan Herald.
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And not for hatred, hidden agendas
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