Despite all out efforts on the part of BSNLCCWF, BSNLEU and AIBDPA and agitations, it is disheartening that the BSNL management has not cleared funds for the payment of wages to about 40,000 – 50,000 contract workers through out India for the last more than one year. Contract workers belong to the lowest paid employees and they manage to live literally from hand to mouth. Whatever savings, if any, has all been gone. They are unable to return the money taken on loan to manage their lives. No money to purchase dress for their children. They are living in real hell.
The issue was several times raised in the Parliament by many Honorable Members of Parliament belonging to different parties, including that of the ruling party. But still no action.

BSNL is not allotting funds on the plea of lack of funds. At one time it was a fact. But now the salary of the employees are paid upto date, including the highly paid officers, the bank loans are being paid, the payment to societies are made etc. etc. But still no payment to contract workers.

The BSNL expenditure has been got reduced for the last two months due to the VRS and retirement of about 80,000 workers. There might be savings of about Rs. 1,200 crore at the lowest.
The DOT and BSNL management should not become inhuman towards its workers. This is Covid 19 period and the suffering has increased.

DOT and BSNL Management should ensure that the wages along with arrears are paid at the earliest.